I have been in the business of female sexual and wellness and reproductive health for close to 15 years and those businesses that affect women for even longer. I am a Vagipreneur®, a person in the business of female sexual and reproductive health as well as a vocal advocate and frequent contributor to the conversations and growth of businesses in this space. I have always strived to be a positive role model and voice in this space. …

How Rachel Braun Scherl, co-founder of SPARK Solutions for Growth, is navigating the effects of COVID-19.

My business partner and I started our business strategy and marketing growth company, SPARK Solutions for Growth over 20 years ago in response to a need we saw to help businesses drive growth through insight-based understanding of how to motivate their customers. About 12 years ago, we raised venture capital to build a company focused on women’s sexual health and wellness. Since then we have focused on building businesses in female sexual and reproductive health.

Using social media to share my message

I do…

There is always obsessive discussion of the halftime show after every Super Bowl game. In addition to the performances, the fancy pyrotechnics, acrobatic feats and technology wizardry are fodder for tweeting and water cooler talks, but the conversation about Adam Levine’s chiseled and naked stomach were priority. Why? Not because we want to call his trainer or his extremely busy tattoo artist. What we need to discuss, analyze and decry are the double standards applied to behavior — when done by men vs. women. We must highlight the reaction to Adam’s purposeful behavior vs. …

Rachel Braun Scherl

Marketing strategist, business builder, entrepreneur, author, and vagipreneur — passion advocate for women’s health

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